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    Tony Chasseur

    This Caribbean serenader took his first steps in the piano bars of Fort-de-France in the 1980s following a stint in the SERMAC vocal workshops. After working with the group Madjoumbé, he left for France in 1986, producing his first album Dansé Soleil in 1987. While there, he was associated with Antillen bands Sakiyo and Malavoi, recording through out and branching off to a successful solo career winning major awards in the French music industry and building a solid fan base in France and the Antilles. After more than 30 years in the business and many albums later, he has focused on créole jazz with his big band MizikOpéyi and producing all the major Creole musical events in France and the Antilles, and producing and compiling créole jazz recordings.
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    Ronald Tulle

    Multi-instrumentalist musician, but above all a pianist, author, composer, musical director, arranger, Ronald Tulle was born in Fort de France in Martinique. He works as a composer, producer and arranger on the albums of some of best West Indian artists. Since 1987, he has worked with Eugène Mona, Jocelyne Beroard, Tania Saint-Val, Michèle Henderson, Gertrude Seinin, Jean-Luc Guanel, Jean-Philippe Marthely, Eric Virgal, Ralph Thamar and more. Tulle has won, several times, the distinguished SACEM Arranger of the Year award. For his debut album in 2006, F.W.I., he won the SACEM Album of the Year, and for his next album, Le notes de l'âme in 2009. In November 2014, he released Raising.
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    Michel Alibo

    "Michel Alibo is one of jazz and world music's most accomplished and influential musicians. Bassist of choice, not to just some of world music's most visible stars, he's also the premier bassist for entire subcategories of world styles. Michel has laid down textbook grooves in Latin, Caribbean, African, and fusion forms in such subgenres as beguine, reggae, zouk, soukos, groka and many more. More importantly, he's one of the first guys to start crossing 'em all up..."
    — Phil Dipietro.
    For the full interview between Michel Alibo and Phil Dipietro, click here.
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    Elan Trotman

    One of the most exciting up-and-comers among a new generation of saxophonists, Elan Trotman has emerged as an exhilarating force in the world of contemporary jazz. Born and raised in Barbados and educated at Berklee in Boston, Elan approaches jazz in his own way. Blending Caribbean rhythms from his roots with skillful horn textures, his playing is full of surprises. He has quickly become one of jazz's most thrilling and emotive performers as he continues to stand out and push boundaries as a composer, performer, teacher and recording artist. Dear Marvin is Trotman's eighth album and second on the Woodward Avenue Records imprint. The label issued the saxophone-flute player's 2013 disc, Tropicality, an autobiographical album that colors contemporary jazz with native sounds from Trotman's homeland, Barbados.
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    Charmaine Forde

    Charmaine Forde is a widely acclaimed, versatile and authentic entertainer. Supremely vivacious and engaging, this native of Trinidad & Tobago demonstrated her gifts of exceptional musical talent as a singer and a magnetic personality at an early age. This launched her career in the entertainment field where she soon collaborated with Michael Boothman, Leston Paul and David Rudder with success. Yearning for further knowledge and experience in using music as a communication tool, she migrated to Florida where she performed to live audiences at public and private venues. Returning to Trinidad in 2018, this song stylist is an inspiration to a new generation of jazz singers in the island.
    To read a profile of Charmaine in Caribbean Beat magazine, click here.
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    Dayo Bejide

    Led by percussionists, and jewelry designers Modupe Onilu and Baba Onilu, Dayo Bejide started off as a trio with their father, master percussionist, drummer and instrument builder, the late great Jah Jah Onilu's (R.I.P.) Jewels Of Nature, in 2002. Today, the band has evolved into the sound the people of a nation has been asking for. On reflection, the sound of Dayo Bejide comes closer to the optimal sound of Afro Caribbean jazz and funk with deep Trinbago roots of Kaiso and Soca. Afro beat from west Africa infused with our native doption culture speaks to an organic sound that reflects the Onilu brothers "organic jazz" roots as articulated by their father.
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    UTT Jazz Ensemble

    The UTT Jazz Ensemble is embedded within the Jazz/Contemporary Studio (led by Anthony Woodroffe) at the Academy for the Performing Arts (APA) and provides its members with a supportive learning environment. Members of the ensemble are primarily students on the jazz pathway on the BFA program and actively learn jazz harmony, improvisation and contemporary arranging skills. Its members are encouraged to write compositions and create arrangements specifically for the ensemble. At the APA, the study of both classical music and jazz is supported, which helps give students the tools to flourish within any contemporary music industry setting. The ensemble affords students the opportunity to understand the nuances of performance within jazz, R&B, fusion and other contemporary genres.
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    Ju-né is an award winning inspirational singer who has big dreams of becoming a Jazz/Soul Artiste. While her professional music career is relatively new, this vocalist has the pipes of a seasoned performer. She has been compared to Ledisi and Jill Scott, but she has a surprise element which is all her own and that arrests her audience's attention from the moment she croons her first note. This Tobago-born artiste exudes a down to earth, authentic vibe, but she definitely sizzles with an undeniable charisma. Ju-né's choice to pursue a career as a singer has shown her that hard work and persistence pays off. As result, she approaches her art with passion and love, and intends to be a positive inspiration to both young and mature to showcase that anything is possible once you believe in yourself.
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    Caribbean Steelpan Connextion

    Caribbean Steelpan Connextion prides itself as being the vibes, passion and music of the Caribbean! Founded in 2017 to participate at Expo Astana in Kazakhstan, that pioneering work brought the sound of pan to that country for the first time. Expos have been a proving ground for steelpan in the past, and now, the enhanced group is moving to take the ensmeble to new spaces with new combinations of instruments outside the steelpan family. As producers of The World of Steel, a concert where the primary source of entertainment comes from the music of the steelpan, they have engaged with a wide audience and comntinue to develop a new fanbase. This is their first time on the Greens
Jazz Artists on the Greens™

JAOTG™ 2020 Artists

We welcome a range of artistes from all over the Caribbean. Creole Jazz from Martinique, contemporary jazz from Barbados, and from Trinidad and Tobago, a mix of jazz vocals, organic jazz and modern and steelpan jazz.

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