Patrice InglesbirthPatrice Inglesbirth
For the past twenty-six odd (or even) years, Patrice Inglesbirth has gone through the best of highs and the 'best' of lows in her young life. A budding vocalist before she could barely walk and a composer almost before she could talk; this Belmont native, is newly determined to fulfill her life's purpose on the stage.

Two years ago, a very close death in her family found her at a crossroads, where the initial path chosen was to give up on what she once believed to be her destiny; music. "Somehow the music still found its way in me" she says of the time spent away from the stage. Having found new joys along her journey and finding great blessings in the growth and gifted developments of her son, Patrice found in her a renewed confidence in a brighter destiny. This is what she writes:

"There are many trials along life's journey, but every new day is a blessing. Like many strong women, I have had many mountains to climb but in appreciation for every breath in my lungs and smile on my young son's face, I sing!"

Patrice's journey thus far, has allowed her many opportunities to express herself through music. Growing up listening to and in full admiration of the likes of Stevie Wonder and Ella Fitzgerald to Lauryn Hill and more recently, Alicia Keys, Patrice is particularly captivated with the colourful nature of their great writing and interpretation skills. "My aim is to transport people to feel the words," she says. From winning titles at San'Fest and Music Festival to representing internationally at the Hal Jackson's International Talented Teen Competition in 2000, she ultimately received an open scholarship to attend the university of choice, Morgan State University.

Of her present venture, Patrice says "I have so much music within me that my sole release is to write. Writing my honest perceptions of reality continues to provide me with an avenue to convey both my emotions, and the emotions of those around me. I wrote and still write because I want people to sincerely love again, to believe in themselves and God and to find through music, a positive way to cope with trials along our individual journeys. My journey has only just begun. Who knows where my next path may take me!"