Kelli GriffithKelli Griffith
Kelli Griffith is a young woman from the very charismatic and diverse island of Trinidad and Tobago. She has always managed to stay true to her self, her talent and what she wants in life.

Kelli's amazing voice has taken her places that she had only dreamed of as a young girl. Although growing up and being the middle child of five children was never an easy journey,it was an interesting one that she always makes fun of being a "good read" someday.

Through adversity, Kelli has always kept her eye on the prize and worked toward it full steam ahead. She is currently one half of a sister act duo called 2NTRIGUE which has made a name and sound for themselves and is still making great music.

Her musical background and influences molded her into the kind of artist she is today. Vocally trained under the R&B/Gospel genre, then dabbling in Pop, Soca, Reggae and a bit of Jazz, leads one to imagine such a sweet, kaleidoscope of sound. She also plans to start recording an album in the very near future. Kelli's ultimate goal is to reach and touch the hearts people through song and music.