Glenda CollensGlenda Collens
Glenda Collens says her passion for music started at birth, as she believes she came out of the womb singing, although the doctors and her mother would say she was crying. While she sang every and anywhere and especially for friends visiting her family home, she remembers her earliest stage performance was at age 7 on the Aunty Kay show followed seven years later with an appearance at the Vienna Music Festival, Austria and at 16 she debuted in her first operatic role at Queens Hall as a member of the Trinidad Opera Company.

Those around her often criticized her love of classical music while growing up. "They used to say that I am a little black girl from Morvant and I am not supposed to be singing this type of music." When a friend gave her the gift of a recording by black American soprano Leontyne Price, and she saw the image of Leontyne's black skin and Afro hairstyle, and listened to her dramatic voice, the young soprano from Morvant was convinced that her dreams could be a reality.

After high school she pursued her dreams to New York attending a Vocal Masterclass at Harlem School for the Arts, and later, at Boston University where she earned her BA in Voice Performance.

While at college studying voice, Tuberculosis threatened to cripple her career, the prognosis by the doctors was: "You may never sing again." Her lungs were permanently scared and her larynx weakened but she faced the odds, fought back and returned to the music scene despite the odds, though a rigorous, two-year regime of medication, speech therapy and a complete rebuilding of her vocal techniques, she fully recovered her voice and is singing again, but her dreams of life as an opera singer ended after this illness.

Undaunted by the monumental challenge to continue her life as a vocalist after completing her studies, she returned to Trinidad and set out to create her own musical experience. Her band MEDEA was born out of that necessity. She chooses her music which is a collection of Funk, R&B, New-Soul and Jazz by singers she considers to be masters of the art paying homage to the songwriter by performing their works, but in her own inimitable style.

She describes herself as driven because there is a fire inside that would not be quenched. "When I get dismissals, when I get confronted by negativity and by what often seem to be insurmountable set backs, it is like a fuel to my fire." All I've ever wanted to do is sing, I will be very happy to be in my house and sing all day long."