Héctor Infanzón - PIANIST & COMPOSER

…I was raised on Latin music and improvisation is the channel for me to express all my emotions, ideas and the personal way I conceive the world; through improvisation I can explore different musical forms, that's why I try to experiment with different musical elements every time I play and compose.--Héctor Infanzón
hector infanzonA major feature of Héctor Infanzón's compositions is the inclusion of all the styles that have influenced him, thereby making his work varied and versatile. It also prevents him from being identified with one particular musical genre.

Infanzón draws elements from Mexican folklore, classical and Latin American musical idioms, and from the Afro Caribbean tradition. He then shapes it all within his own sound. Finally, he adds improvisation, the one element that rounds everything up and transforms it into jazz.

His music emerges from the core of traditional forms, yet it expands to move beyond the limits of styles. This hybridization reflects life lived in a place like Mexico City. Such is the work of Héctor Infanzón: a permanent search for new trends, a music that leaves the indelible mark of urban expression. All in all, this is the music of a composer born in the very heart of the city he loves.

The Héctor Infanzón Group plays primarily the highest quality original compositions. This feature has rightly earned its leader top praise from international critics.

During his studies at the Escuela Superior de Música, Héctor played music recitals at many of the most prestigious music halls in Mexico City. He also performed as soloist with the Chamber Orchestra of Bellas Artes.

In 1985 he studied at the Berkley School of Music in Boston, where he became profoundly committed to the jazz idiom. In 1989 he formed "Antropóleo", a trio that became one of the most important groups in the Mexican jazz scene.

Nos TocaImpulsosCitadinoInfanzón has recorded four CDs under his own name: Citadino, Impulsos, Nos Toca and De Manera Personal. He has also played numerous national and international jazz festivals, such as the Newark Jazz Festival; Festival de Jazz in Havana, Cuba; Heritage Festival in New Orleans; Expo Lisboa 98 in Lisbon, AmericArtes, Washington, DC, and the Festival Internacional de Jazz de Medellín, Colombia. And of course, he has performed at nearly all the national and international jazz festivals in Mexico.

Héctor has been commissioned to arrange traditional Mexican music for the Mexico City, Acapulco and the Querétaro Philharmonic Orchestras. In all cases, it was the conductors themselves who requested the composer's work.

Along with his own work as a pianist, composer and arranger, Héctor has found the time to participate in other artists' projects. Some of the most renowned performers in Mexico have invited him to be their musical director or session player. In some cases, he has also toured with groups and singers, such as Alejandro Fernández, Emmanuel, Armando Manzanero, Francisco Céspedes, Mijares, Eugenia León, Tania Libertad, Betsy Pecanins, Guadalupe Pineda, and "Maldita Vecindad." Héctor also took part in the two Grammy Award Winning albums with the Mexican pop duo "Sin Bandera."

Throughout his career, Héctor has had the opportunity to perform with the likes of Carlos Santana, Jose Feliciano, Papo Lucca, Johnny Pacheco, Jeff Berlin, Lincoln Goines and Dave Valentin, among others. Due mostly to his versatility, Héctor Infanzón was asked to join international pop artist Ricky Martin's group for his 1999-2001 World Tour. This experience took the pianist to countless cities in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.

His orchestral and chamber music has been played by different symphonic orchestras and different ensambles. As a composer, he has written music for string quintet and piano, two works for jazz trio and orchestra, as well as a piece for harpsichord and piano. He composed the opening theme of the Las Vegas show "Storm," in addition to music for films, plays, and videos. Héctor's first symphonic work, "Paseo y Fuga hacia el Mar," commissioned to celebrate the anniversary of the Acapulco Philharmonic Orchestra, was premiered in 2004.

In October 2005 Héctor Infanzón was nominated for the "Las Lunas del Auditorio" awards in Mexico city. In February 2007 the very well known flutist Horacio Franco, premiered his concerto for Recorder and string orchestra with the String Orchestra of the Rockies in Montana, USA. In july of 2007 Héctor Infanzón concluded his first piano concerto.

In 2008 four of his works were premiered: String Quartet No.1 "Scenes from the City," "Hechizado" for woodwind quartet, the second prize of the national composition competition "El Conjuro" for woodwind quartet and the world premiere of "Hematofonia" for four body-percussionists, took place at the Festival Internacional Cervantino by the world wide known percussion ensemble, Tambuco. In July of 2008 his Violin Concerto No.1 was concluded. In July of 2009, Héctor was invited to the Montreal Jazz Festival.

Nowadays, Héctor Infanzón continues to work on an orchestral piece and different pieces for chamber ensambles, his new DVD Sombrereando, along with his concerts as soloist with his jazz quartet and as a producer for different projects.